How to write a good subject line

Why do subject lines matter?

In short: if your subject line isn’t enticing, journalists won’t open your email. 

How can I write a good subject line?

The sole objective of a subject line is to prompt the recipient to open the email. As such, your subject line should clearly describe what’s in the email.

Use keywords that directly relate to press features, such as materials (wood, concrete, wool, leather); colours (pink, green, indigo, berry, taupe, teal); product type (chairs, tableware, throws); trends (tropical, industrial, whimsical, Scandi); seasonal ties (spring, AW17, Christmas); industry events (designjunction, CDW, Top Drawer); and anything else noteworthy that you might want to flag up.

Bear in mind that subject lines are truncated when viewed in some mail clients, so you need to get your keywords as close to the start as you can. E.g. “AW17: concrete vases from Ross & Brown” is much better than “Ross & Brown launches new collection of concrete vases for AW17”.

Examples: bad subject lines

Our new collection

Pretty in pink

MyCompanyName exciting announcement: new collection of blankets

Examples: good subject lines

New: Sophie Robinson x Secret Linen Store collaboration

AW19: concrete homewares from MyCompanyName

Botanical prints | new at MyCompanyName