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Do your own pr

The DIY service helps small businesses to write and send highly effective press releases to our network of journalist contacts. If you can’t stretch to a managed PR package, and you’re prepared to commit 1-2 hours per month on doing it yourself, then this is for you.

How it works

We’ll help you build and dispatch your own press releases to our journalist contact list. We provide the contacts, templates and tutorials; you write the copy, upload the images and hit send. All replies go direct to your email address, so you can liaise with the journalists yourself.

What’s included

- Online press release building platform

- Reports detailing open rates, click rates, popular links

- Help centre with tutorials and tips on pitching to the press

- Support via email (me!)

Getting started

Add the subscription below to your cart, fill in a short questionnaire, and hit submit. Your account details will be in your inbox within the next couple of hours.



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I have no experience of PR - can I use this service?

Yes! Our tutorials are aimed at total beginners.
PR isn’t that complicated, once you know what you’re doing.

don’t I need a relationship with the journalists?

No. Journalists don’t compile their features based on how much they like the publicist; they choose based on the merit of the brand/product.

Which journalists will receive my press releases?

We currently cater to the interiors, fashion, kids/baby and general lifestyle press. We’ll ask you which sectors are most relevant to your company and personalise your contact list accordingly.


Can I try it out for a month or two?

Sure! You can cancel your subscription instantly, at any time, by logging into your account.

I’m so busy. How can I find the time to write my press releases?

The typical time commitment is about 1-2 hours per month, so most people should be able to squeeze it in! If that’s not realistic, you might want to consider one of our managed PR packages.

How many journalists will receive my press releases?

Typically somewhere between 200 and 400 journalists. We personalise each subscriber’s contact list to prevent journalists receiving irrelevant content, so the exact number varies.