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The benefits of running a company blog are well publicised: it’ll improve your Google ranking, help you to reach new customers, and add personality to your brand. It’s also one of the easiest things to push to the bottom of your to-do list when packing orders and answering emails has to take priority. This is why there are countless company blogs left gathering dust, with no new content for months at a time.

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We provide

  • A steady stream of content, delivered weekly, monthly or bi-monthly

  • Creative topics suited to your brand identity

  • Copy SEO-optimised to improve your Google ranking

  • An excellent standard of written English, with impeccable spelling and grammar

  • Optional: we can upload to your site and publish on your behalf


  • Weekly posts: £39 each

  • Twice-monthly posts: £49 each

  • Monthly posts: £65 each

  • Bi-monthly posts: £79 each


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