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The independents' publicist

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We get indie brands into press features

We’re for the independents. We want to champion small businesses and help them to grow.

Many small companies struggle to effectively communicate with journalists, either due to time constraints, a lack of appropriate resources, or poor pitching techniques. We’re your representatives - we’ll help you tell your story in the right way, to the right people, to get the best results. 


Affordable prices for small businesses

For a long time PR has been out of reach for small brands, due to expensive retainers and inflexible contracts. We want to change this, opening up press opportunities to companies of all sizes. We believe that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get noticed, and that it is possible to get amazing coverage for your business without hiring a full service agency.

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Flexible, fair contracts

We know how carefully small businesses need to manage their budgets. We don’t have any minimum terms on our packages, and only 30 days’ notice to cancel - so you’re free to pull the cord anytime if you feel it’s not working out. We’d rather let the results be the reason you stay, rather than because you’re legally obliged to.